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1 JANUARY 2017

2016 saw the ORC fleet in Canada grow to 84 boats, with 17 boats in Quebec, 27 boats in the USA Pacific Northwest, and 40 boats in BC.  This more than doubled the 37 boats in the fleet in 2015.  In addition, we are working with fleets in the Great Lakes and the Maritimes who are interested in exploring ORC as a rating system for some of their races.


We have now launched the new rating office for ORC-Canada and starting 1 January 2017, it will be responsible for the issue of ORC certificates, both ORC-Club and ORC-International. This change is in line with the strategy of ORC to develop capacity in all regions where the ORC system is being used to rate and score sailboat racing.

The ORC-Canada rating officer is Phil Barron.  Phil is a naval  architect / marine engineer practicing in Vancouver.  Phil brings strong experience professionally, in design and in sail-making, to the position.  Phil's responsibilities also include ORC measurement. 

Ian Lloyd is the ORC Canada events officer.  He is responsible for promotion of the ORC system into existing events as well as the development of new fleets in Canada.  Philip Haggerty remains the ORC representative in Canada.


As a result of opening the new rating office, we will be changing the fee structure ORC certificates to include a fleet fee.  This fleet charge will offset some of the costs associated with the ORC-Canada rating office.  The table below sets out the new fees:       

Club             Club               International             International

new (€)         amend (€)     new (€)                     amend (€)                                      

52.00            42.00             100.00                      70.00

As can be seen, the fleet charge for ORC-Club is €10.00 and for ORC-International is €30.00.  The fleet charge for ORC Club is nominal and these charges are still among the lowest for ORC in the world (only Poland is less expensive).  All the functions of the rating office are carried out by volunteers.  The Congress representation and administrative functions as well as the capital needs for ORC-Canada are funded and will continue to be funded separately by sponsorship.


For 2017, ORC Canada will continue to provide support to the Puget Sound area fleets in the USA, until US Sailing is able to provide this support, planned for 2018 at this point.


The 2017 VPP will be available in mid January, and we will send out an email once we have the update.