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15 JANUARY 2018

The Canadian ORC Fleet continues to grow in British Columbia, in large measure resulting from the major races adopting the rating system. In Quebec, the fleet is also growing under the care and guidance of the Championnat régional de yachting de Québec. Interest in the ORC rating system is also being developed in Nova Scotia.

After two years of managing the Puget Sound fleet as a courtesy to US Sailing, ORC Canada will be handing over the responsibility to the USA office. For boats that wish to be rated in the USA, please follow the links at the top and right of the webpage. We want to thank our friends from the Puget Sound fleet for their interest and support for ORC in the Pacific Northwest Region.


The rating office for ORC-Canada continues with its work to provide ORC-Club and ORC-International certificates. Phil Barron continues as the ORC-Canada rating officer and is also responsible for measurement. Ian Lloyd continues as the ORC Canada events officer as well as being responsible for promotion of the ORC system into existing events as well as the development of new fleets in Canada.  Philip Haggerty remains the ORC representative in Canada. George Liu continues to support ORC in Canada by providing hull scanning services for the fleet.

In addition to the measurers in BC, there are four new measurers in Quebec: Alain Bergeron, Maxime Loiselle, Hugo Royer and Dave Savard.


Fees for 2018 are unchanged from 2017, as set out in the below table:

Club             Club               International           International

new (€)         amend (€)     new (€)                     amend (€)                                      

52.00            42.00             100.00                      70.00                                                 

As can be seen, the fleet charge for ORC-Club is €10.00 and for ORC-International is €30.00.  The fleet charge for ORC Club is nominal and these charges are still among the lowest for ORC in the world (only Poland is less expensive).  All the functions of the rating office are carried out by volunteers.  The Congress representation and administrative functions as well as the capital needs for ORC-Canada are funded and will continue to be funded separately by sponsorship.


The 2018 VPP is available in mid January, and we will send out an email once we have the update.  

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ORC Canada Ratings


There are two levels of ratings under ORC: ORC-Club and ORC-International.  Both levels use the same measurement data and the same VPP, and can be scored together in any races.

ORC Club is designed for Club-level racing that can go up to national championship level and is designed to be simple for boat owners to obtain a rating.  For ORC-Club, measurement data can be accepted as declared by the owner or obtained from any other source, including photos, drawings, designs or data from identical or similar boats.  Sail measurements can come from sail design data, from one-design data, as measured by the sailmaker or measured by an ORC measurer.

ORC-International (ORC-i) is intended for use on World, Continental, Regional and National level as well as major international offshore races.  ORC-I is based on a complete boat measurement as defined in the International Measurement System (IMS), and includes hull, rig, sails, hydrostatics and stability measurements.

Due to better quality of measurement data, ORCi certificates will be more accurate and give more favorable ratings. Because the systems are so compatible, it is very easy for owner who has an ORC Club certificate to upgrade to ORCi – just contact your local ORC measurer or rating authority.



Using the link on the front page to the ORC-Club Online Application, you can enter the measurement data for the boat.  Basic rig data can be taken from brochures and sister ships or from sources like http://sailboatdata.com .  Sail measurements can be obtained from design data that the sailmaker has or from measurements made by the sailmaker.  If you want a certificate with the least amount of effort, you will need the dimensions for your main, largest genoa, and largest spinnaker.

Once the data is complete, you can submit the form.  The ORC Canada Rating Office will receive the application and will generate a Test Certificate for review. 

Once you are satisfied with the Test Certificate, then you can go to the payment page using the link on the front page (Renewals and Payments), fill in the basic personal and boat data and then press submit.  A payment page will be displayed and is to be completed.

When the Rating Office has received notice of payment, it will issue a Racing Certificate.  The boat data will now appear on ORC Sailor Services.

The Online Application process can take as little as 48 hours, depending on the quality of data and the completeness of the application form.  The IMS Measurement Guide explains the measurements needed. Please note Section G which has specific details regarding sail measurement which differ from standard World Sailing’s Equipment Rules of Sailing and from other rating systems such as PHRF and IRC.



ORC offers the IMS Editor software for free (http://www.orc.org/index.asp?id=42).  The software is used by measurers to edit, store, and distribute IMS data.  An owner, in conjunction with ORC measurers and sailmakers, can enter data directly into the IMS Editor.

Once the data is complete in the IMS Editor, you or the measurer can submit the data file to the ORC Canada Rating Office and the Rating Office will generate a Test Certificate for review.

Once you are satisfied with the Test Certificate, then you can go to the payment page using the link on the front page (Renewals and Payments), fill in the basic personal and boat data and then press submit.  A payment page will be displayed and is to be completed.

When the Rating Office has received notice of payment, it will issue a Racing Certificate.  The boat data will now appear on ORC Sailor Services.



It is suggested you register (free) for ORC Sailor Services as linked in the left side of this page.  This feature allows searching the database of existing yachts as well as make test modifications to rig or sail plans and to generate test certificates and speed guides.

If you want to take full advantage of the ORC Velocity Prediction Program and generate a Speed Guide for your yacht you will want to input measurements for all of your headsails and spinnakers in the Data and Measurements tab of the boat under My Boats in Sailor Services.



ORC-i certificates require a complete measurement of the boat.  Please contact the Rating Office (ratings@orc-canada.org) or one of the ORC Measurers listed below in the About section to start the process. 



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The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is an international body responsible for the establishment and maintenance of rating and classification standards used to define offshore, coastal and inshore / course yacht racing handicap categories. 

Along with the IMS, ORC International and ORC Club, the ORC is also the sole authority recognised by the World Sailing for the administration of the ORC Grand Prix Classes Rules and the co-related Regulations, measurement and classes, and has designated the ORC as the official body to hold the Offshore World Championships. 

The ORC comprises a Congress and Officers, Chief Measurers and Rating Offices. It has Committes related to measurement, technical matters, events, race management, rating, events and promotions, and the Offshore Special Regulations. 

ORC-Canada is responsible for the carriage of the ORC in Canada.  The Canadian Rating Office was launched in 2017.

Chief Rating Officer - Phil Barron is responsible for ratings and measurement.  Phil can be reached at ratings@orc-canada.org.

Chief Events Officer -  Ian Lloyd is responsible for promotion of ORC in Canada as well as for the development of new fleets.  Ian can be reached at events@orc-canada.org.

ORC Representative – Philip Haggerty Weisse is the ORC representative in Canada and is the Canadian Congress member.  Philip can be reached at congress@orc-canada.org.


Along with launching the ORC Canada Rating Office, ORC Canada will be initiating an ORC Owners Association.  Please contact Philip regarding your participation in this body which will act to provide input and advice on owner related matters to ORC Canada and through it, to the Congress.


Please contact us at info@orc-canada.org or using the below form

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